The saddest zoo in the world: A look at Dalseong Park in Daegu [video]

Dalseong Park is the oldest park in Daegu. Located in the central part of the city, this park has some nice hiking trails overlooking downtown and surrounding neighborhoods, some gardens and historical statues. But the main attraction has been the zoo.

Now, I’ve been to zoos across the U.S. and seen some sad sights, but nothing really compares to this zoo. Watch the video, but WARNING: animal lovers will not enjoy it.

7 thoughts on “The saddest zoo in the world: A look at Dalseong Park in Daegu [video]

  1. The Jeonju Zoo is much the same, my boyfriend and I visited it a few months ago and left feeling awful. We’re from New Zealand where the zoos work really hard to make the enclosures comfortable and private for the animals. I’ve never seen so much cruelty and I won’t be going to another zoo in Korea.

    I’ve just discovered your blog (via and I have really enjoyed what I’ve read/watched so far.

  2. I went there a few months ago! I had to have people check the enclosures to see if I could stomach them or not. I cried. These poor poor animals need at least the basic amenities. And so many of them are warm climate creatures who will surely be in pain and poor health in this horrid winter.

  3. I’m a new follower of your blog, as well, and am enjoying it tremendously.

    Thank you for sharing this! I’m in the beginning stages of the application process to move and teach in South Korea and am learning more than I wanted to know about the animal issues there…as an activist, this should be an interesting move for me (my father is certain I’m going to end up in jail).

    I also have big plans to travel, and look forward to hearing more about your recent adventures!


  4. Thanks for the kind words Kate! yeah, the zoo is a sad place but I think most of my Korean friends know that so it’s encouraging. Although, the recent news about burying thousands of pigs alive shows there’s not a lot of “animal rights” feelings here. Let me know if you need any tips on the applying process!

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