Introducing Kevin and Nicole’s Bike Tour

Right now, two friends of mine — Kevin and Nicole — are furiously pedaling down the backroads of the East Coast on two bicycles.

Their goal: To bike from Maine to Key West. With about three rest days.

Seems a little crazy? Well, Kevin Miner is known for his bold behavior. He’s penned editorials that put him in the cross-hairs of the rabid Free Republic website. And in 2006, he ran for governor of Connecticut, quite possibly the youngest gubernatorial candidate in that state’s modern history.

His newest venture is equally audacious. After taking a leave from their jobs, Kevin and Nicole set out on a 2,600-mile journey to see the country, visit some organic farms and, well, basically say they did it.

The couple has already spent a few weeks out on the road and I’d encourage you to visit their blog. I know many bicycle fans read this site, so it would be great if you could show some support. Good luck Kevin and Nicole!

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